Monica Seggos is a luxury concept that blends fashion and artisanship, centered around the  design of one of a kind and limited edition pieces. Production, distribution and consumption are unrestricted by the limitations of the traditional fashion business model and take into consideration the well-being of the designer. The operating principles are based on the principles

of sustainability, uniqueness, luxury, design, and a personal business ideology.

The collections consist of one-of-a-kind, limited edition pieces, and deconstructed pieces in fashion, jewelry and handbags and include vintage clothing.   The collections are historically referential, yet culturally reflective, with a focus on emotional aesthetics, sustainability and rarity which not only creates value for the product in today’s market, but enhances future value by creating emotional longevity.  


It is my mission to bring beauty, uniqueness, rarity and luxury to sustainable fashion.


It is my vision to live my dream of being a fashion designer in a way that supports

the environmental, physical, social, cultural, economic and spiritual framework within which I exist.